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Skin Treatments And Waxing Services

We proudly use BioElements Professional Skincare Products because they are clean, safe and effective

Acne Facial – One hour 80 $

This facial is an absolute must whether you have stubborn chronic acne, hormonally induced breakouts or simply clogged pores and blackheads! This treatment starts with a hot neck roll under your neck. Your technician will gently remove makeup and/or surface impurities, then perform a deeper penetrating cleanse accompanied by steam and a cleansing massage. This will be followed by an enzyme exfoliation (peel), facial massage, soothing treatment along with an application of an intense mask that removes blackheads. The comedone removal is followed by a deep hydrating treatment which also aids in the reduction of inflammation.

Calming Facial – One hour 80 $

This treatment is designed for skin that is stressed, red, or delicate. You will enjoy this advanced facial that starts with aromatherapy breathing, steam cleansing massage, enzyme exfoliation, calming acupressure massage and skin sedation. This facial is the best of both worlds and is incredibly calming utilizing soothing massage techniques. The ultimate corrective facial for chronic sensitivities, event-based sensitization, or preemptive care! Keep calm and take care of your skin!

Firm and Lift (Anti-Aging) Facial – One hour 80 $

The Firm and Lift facial provides visible benefits immediately by targeting poor elasticity, dullness and lines. This treatment includes aromatherapy breathing, a steam cleansing, and a toner treatment with a gentle massage. An enzyme exfoliation and surface peel are followed by a soothing skin sedation, comedone removal and aromatherapy face massage. Lastly you will receive a hydrating treatment and a gravity-defying mask so powerful, you will feel it working as it lifts and tightens!

One Hour Facial 80 $

Your technician will perform a Skin Reading to analyze your skin and give you a thorough consultation on your skins needs and determine which facial is best for you: Basic facial, Calming facial, Firm and Lift or Acne facial. Just relax and enjoy, knowing your skin is in the hands of a professional!

Pollution Neutralizing Facial - 1 hour and 20 minutes 120 $

Our world is full of cellular intoxicators from pollution that cause skin to suffer from a variety of issues. This treatment targets and revives dull, dehydrated, hyperpigmented, or prematurely aging skin. This facial is proven to significantly inhibit the damage induced by urban dust - the atmospheric matter found in air pollution. This treatment starts with a hot neck roll slid under your neck, aromatherapy breathing, then a steam cleansing, toner and chemical peel treatment with a gentle massage. After the chemical peel, enjoy a double neutralizing softening massage. This is followed by a skin sedation and comedone removal process that softens and soothes. Lastly end your facial with a power treatment and advanced vitamineral deep detox mask with gel therapy. You will emerge with fresh revived skin that looks healthy and glowing!

Men’s Facial – 45 minutes 75 $

Do men need facials too? Absolutely! Your rugged exterior will benefit from our treatment that targets your skin’s special needs. Steam and deep cleansers help your technician successfully remove blackheads and milia. Enzymes are used to remove dead skin cells which leaves your skin brighter and younger looking and preps it for a deep penetrating moisturizing experience, which, incidentally, will allow for a more comfortable shave. Finally, all facials conclude with a neck, shoulder, arm and facial massage. Yes, you need this. (please shave at least 6 hours in advance to minimize discomfort)

Fast Results Brilliant Back – 45 minutes 90 $

Suffering from Backne? Planning an event where you will need to wear something backless? Put your back in the spotlight with this fast “facial on the flipside”! It starts with the type of deep cleanse under steam and exfoliation that is difficult to accomplish by using your loofah. It is followed by extractions of any blackheads you may have, a mask that tightens your pores, and an amazing moisturizer applied during your relaxing aromatherapeutic massage. The choice of products for this treatment are determined by your skin’s individual needs and guarantee that you won’t be afraid to show a little skin!

Waxing Services:

Eyebrow Wax 15 $

Lip Wax 10 $

Chin Wax 10 $

Full Leg Wax 65 $

1/2 Leg Wax 40 $

1/2 Half Arm Wax 35 $

Full Arm Wax 50 $

Back Wax 55 $

Chest Wax 55 $

Bikini Wax 30 $